Photography: a joint project

As a general photographer my work covers news, documentaries, portraits, stills, landscapes and architecture. However, for many years my greatest passion has been portrait photography. It is contact with so many different people that makes me love this kind of work. The challenge is to create the right atmosphere where people can relax and feel comfortable. Without this, a portrait will never work. Making a portrait is always a joint project together with the subject, never the photographer alone.
A picture is successful if the composition as a whole interests and inspires me. It has to have that extra something to makes it just 'out of the ordinary'. But even so, the most important thing for me is to have a happy and satisfied client. I can't think of a bigger compliment.

Agfa clack

I made my first photos when I was ten years old, with my father's 'Agfa Clack': simple snapshots of nature. Later, at high school, I photographed my schoolmates and teachers secretly during class. In Amsterdam at the Photo Academy (Foto Academie) I started to specialize in journalism, documentaries and portrait photography. In the past few years I participated in a number of photo contests including the 'Zilveren Camera' and World Press Photo. I received an honorable mention at the 'Year of the Child' contest.

What do I do

I make photos for newspapers and magazines, company year reports and brochures, company staff reports and private clients. I am a fast worker, flexible and have a good understanding of the needs and wishes of my clients. I can be asked to do different types of photography jobs. I enjoy doing news items just as much as making wedding photos. I love making travel documentaries, (Korea being my favourite country) and I also enjoy making portraits next door. In recent years I have photographed several well-known Dutch VIP's, including Henk Spaan, Emmy Verhey, Hans Kraaij jr. ,Guus Hiddink, Dick Advocaat en Charles Groenhuijsen.


I work for a wide range of clients. To give a general impression I have listed some of them here:  Reformatorisch Dagblad,  Pedagogiek in Praktijk, CNV, Tijdschrift voor Verzorgenden,  SNS Bank,  Hogeschool Utrecht, Eduniek, CWI, Nursing, Vakblad voor de Bloemisterij and Checkpoint.


Photos can be delivered by CD, e-mail and/or We Transfer. I am a member of the DuPho (the Dutch Association of Photojournalists; Dutch Photographers). All my work falls under the terms of delivery of the DuPho. These can be found at